At PPSS we have used research to create an aid to front line professionals, designed to help them understand Coercive Control and Stalking

The aid is delivered through an App that can be run any of the platforms running, iOS, Android or Windows Mobile. The App provides guidance on:

  • Coercive Control
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Stalking
  • Victim Care and diverse victim groups
  • Perpetrator profile
  • Evidence Aids
  • Family information

Concise information and guidance is provided in each subject area, this information can then be further searched to see its evidence base and more detail.

Early feedback suggests that professionals have a better understanding of perpetrator and victim behaviours, and find the information practically useful. Also we have reports that the evidence aids are helping to achieve positive charging decisions. The Homicide Threat Triad helps professionals recognise dangerous individuals and make sense of the way domestic abuse, coercive control and stalking work.

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