Having developed the DART to support officers and staff in police forces and national agencies, PPSS have continued the development to extend the use for individual professionals operating in the areas of domestic abuse and stalking.

You may be working for a charity, housing association, or a lawyer.

The App takes empirical research conducted into Domestic Abuse and Stalking cases, some which have resulted in homicides; to create and provide a guide to assessing potential Domestic Abuse situations. The aid is delivered through an App that can be run any of the platforms running, iOS, Android or Windows Mobile. The App provides guidance on

  • Coercive Control
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Victim Care
  • Perpetrator Guide

I each of these subject areas simple guidance notes that can act as reminders to professionals and is backed up on the App with a detailed knowledge place that places the guidance in context.

In order to make the best use of the guidance both public courses and regular webinars, on specific subjects, will enable you to get a better insight to the underlying research and thinking.

PPSS is continually researching this area and will regularly update the App and provide additional learning resources as appropriate