At PPSS we have taken empirical research conducted into Domestic Abuse and Stalking cases, some which have resulted in homicides; to create an aid to front line professionals to support their decision making.

The aid is delivered through an App that can be run any of the platforms running, iOS, Android or Windows Mobile. The App provides guidance on

  • Coercive Control
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Stalking
  • Victim Care
  • Perpetrator Guide
  • Evidence Aids

In each of the subject areas there are simple guidance notes that can act as a reminder, but are supported with more detailed information which can be accessed by cascading through the pages, and this will provide context and deeper knowledge.

In addition to Situational Analysis guidance the App also a contains a unique Threat Assessment model that applies the same fundamental research but enables officers/staff to gain an insight into likely future behaviour and thereby apply appropriate action as defined by their force policy.

In order to support the implementation and effective application of DART, PPSS offers training delivered through Master Classes and Train the Trainer courses; these provide a greater insight to the background research and enable the Officers/Staff to understand how the guidance has been developed. PPSS has also created an assessment framework that is delivered on-line and enables Officers/Staff to assess their understanding and seek more learning if required, and Senior Managers to understand the level of competence across their staff. This can be used as evidence in any external audit.

PPSS is continually researching this area and will regularly update the App and provide additional learning resources as appropriate.