Conference on Coercive Control at the Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds.

This excellent conference in its third run now, and organised by the powerhouse that is Min Grob, had some very interesting speakers. Professor Evan Stark presented on Coercive Control and articulated the trauma of abusive daily routines imposed on the victims so eloquently. His seminal work Coercive Control: How men entrap women in personal life has been hugely influential in helping us all understand how Coercive Control works and how very harmful and dangerous it is.

Also speaking was Dr Lisa Aronson Fontes who has recently published her work on living with Coercive Control Invisible Chains.

Dr Fontes explained very clearly what it is like to live with Coercive Control, and there are great guides to having conversations with victims to encourage understanding and disclosure in her new book Invisible Chains: How to overcome control in your intimate relationships

Jane MS was invited to speak about DART at the conference and to explain the importance of consequence management when safety planning, and recognising threat with the Dart Domestic Homicide Triad.


(from the conference at Bury St Edmunds)

The Dart Homicide Triad organises the markers known to predict serious harm and homicide into three categories which help illustrate what might be happening. It’s a great tool for understanding threat and forms part of the interactive questionnaire on the Dart solo app which is now available on android and iOs.

Afternoon speakers included Mark Coulter who is an incredibly knowledgeable professional and academic who can be contacted through Mencentric. Mark is always interesting and informative and we would encourage anyone to go and hear him speak if you get the chance. He is particularly good on male victimisation and perpetrators but absolutely gets it as they say.

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Laura Richards from Paladin also spoke, and from what we know about Laura, her talk too would have been powerful and forthright, she is a woman who campaigns and fights for rights and services for stalking victims, and is well worth listening to.

Thanks to Min for such a great conference, brilliantly organised and well attended. We look forward to the conference when it travels north later this year!

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