By this time next week, around ten people in the UK will be dead because of Domestic Abuse and Stalking… Together WE can change this!

Domestic Abuse, Coercive Control, and Stalking are related patterns of behavior, which are potentially highly dangerous. It has been found that coercive control can predict homicide with nine times more efficiency than violence and threats alone (Stark 2009). It is particularly important, therefore, that we recognize what these behaviours look like, and respond to them effectively.

Public Protection Support Services, is a social enterprise, and our aim is to help improve knowledge and understanding of these patterns of behaviour so that together we can start to reduce interpersonal homicide and other serious harms. We have developed the DART App which provides professionals with a concise, evidence-based resource, to help learn about, and respond to, coercive control, domestic abuse and stalking.

There is a section in the app which is designed to help anyone, professional or not, respond when they are worried for someone.

The contents of the app are drawn from research, and understanding of the Domestic Homicide Triad. Training and Masterclasses are offered to support the use of the app.

As we are a social enterprise we believe in investing in research and knowledge production, and the app is automatically updated, and enhanced with developed content. The app is a professional tool and can be purchased as a single download from the app store, or as a discounted package for larger organisations.



DART has been designed for frontline professionals who might need to respond to a disclosure of domestic abuse, coercive control or stalking.

Dart is delivered as an App on iOS or Android and it features:

  • Domestic Abuse, Coercive Control, and Stalking and Homicide reference material History & Development >
  • Homicide Threat Triad
  • Evidence Gathering Aids
  • Victim Care information
  • Agency Specific Policy guidelines (for organizational package)
  • Agency Specific livery (for organisational package)
  • Access to a membership area

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